About the Team

At some point in our lives, every one of us been the new person doing our best to learn as much as we could. When we began working in the IT industry, we've been that person and continue to strive to learn more every day. In The Shadaux was started as a place to help people in that same position. It can be incredibly difficult to know where to focus your efforts when first jumping into enterprise technology, or if you need to learn new skills. ITS is a community where people can come together to share and discuss ideas, our understanding of technology, and most importantly a community where everyone wants to learn about technology and better themselves every day. Meet some of the Team Members below that help make this such a successful community,

Colten Shinn

A motivated, detail-oriented individual who possesses strong leadership skills. With a heavy background in technology and understanding of computer systems translates to an exceptional ability to recognize potential strengths and weaknesses in groups. Strong communication skills aid in guiding others, and experience in the industry of technology provides the credibility to succeed.

Alejandrina Shinn

As the old saying goes “Behind every great man there’s a great woman” this could not be truer here. The backbone and support system to not only Colten but the community itself. Her business background and passion in literature allows her to help those seeking advice on a range of business topics. All while making sure Family and Kids are taken care of day after day.

Dane Patrick

With a greater understanding and appreciation of things that might be missed by others. He is a driving force of creativity that imbues those around him with a feeling that they to can make a change. Leading by example day after day by helping those that ask for it. Never quitting till the task is done. Whether you need career, life, or just plain advice. You can believe that he will give you what he truly believe is best for you.

Sean Miller

With over a decade in restaurant business management and culinary skills, he decided to try something new. Taking the bull by the horns is almost a literal term for what he has done for his career in IT. Working relentlessly to expand his skill set, while utilizing his customer experience from his time working at restaurants, he has been able to climb the ranks. Cultivating powerful relationships have helped himself and communities to continue to grow.

Brandon Cohen

His background spans a vast array of business that allows him to often take many different perspectives on issues that many would overlook. This leads to faster and much more methodical solutions that allow for businesses, communities, or individuals to continue their growth. His constant pursuit of knowledge to grow himself and those around him is infectious.